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Develop your business and overcome the challenges of selling online, with Twoosk's specialized framework including digital marketing services and lead generation tools.

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Simplify your business growth with Twoosk. Our specialized framework empowers telecom companies to leverage digital channels, implementing a tailored 1-year plan with comprehensive Digital Marketing Services and powerful Lead Generation tools. Maximize results and navigate the path to success with us.


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Use our platform, where there are no geography limitations for your products, and where you can reach more markets and potential customers.


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We simplify everything so that you can focus on what you do best, take care of your customers! With us, telco is made easy.


Short on Customers?

With your products, our digital marketing services and a solid plan, get more contacts and engage with them freely for long-term relationships.


Need to improve Team's Skills?

We offer different workshops according to your needs, from lead generation to conversion or digital marketing, depending on the needs of your team.

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Marketing Services

Joining Twoosk doesn’t only come with the possibility of being part of a platform that makes telco easy, but also comes with a bundle of Marketing Services that will raise your visibility in the industry. This bundle includes:


Note: The marketing services outlined above will be implemented according to Twoosk's team availability. Please note that the successful implementation of these activities is contingent upon the cooperation of the seller.

Satisfied Partners


"We have been working with Twoosk since 2020. It's one of our online sales channels.

Since then, we increased our sales, made new partnerships, and expanded across 16 different countries."

Nuno Costa, Digital Business Development at GW | Distributor 

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At Twoosk you have a team to help you through every step of the way.

Whatever your requirements Thiago, Ilona, André, Joana and Nelson are always available to assist you in successfully roll out your projects.


Thiago Moscoso

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Digital Marketing Assistant

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