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Our Mission

To empower the telecom industry by providing a comprehensive marketplace for telecom products, educational resources, and community-building initiatives.

We strive to be a trusted partner for telecom professionals, offering a wide range of high-quality products from reputable sellers, backed by reliable and responsive customer support.

Our platform is designed to help buyers find the telecom solutions they need quickly and easily, while also providing sellers with a global audience and targeted marketing services to increase their visibility.

We're passionate about the telecom industry and dedicated to helping our users succeed.

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Our Story

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We are a Portuguese company that started in 2016, with the creation of the marketplace. Our idea came up in 2015 when we noticed a gap in the market - a lack of digitalization of processes in the telecom industry - and we quickly started researching to create a platform that could address that need.

In 2016-2017, we launched the Twoosk Marketplace, offering a solution for selling overstocks to telecom companies.


As we gained traction, we expanded from our national market - the portuguese telecom market - to the international market in 2018.

With this, by 2019 we had established partnerships with sellers from 11 countries and were already delivering products all over Europe.


In 2020, we took another step forward and began operating not only as a marketplace but also as a knowledge channel, providing valuable insights and resources to the telco industry. We also expanded our product offerings beyond overstocks.


Today, in 2022/2023, we are a reliable marketplace and knowledge channel for the telco industry. We've built a strong reputation for quality and trustworthiness, and we're proud to be contributing to the growth of the global telco community, making telecom easy.

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"Dare to dream big! At Twoosk we believe that a connected community is a thriving community. Embrace the change and seize new opportunities by joining our global platform."

- André Manteigas, Twoosk's Co-Founder

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Get helpful insights, in-depth knowledge about the industry and market analysis, that aid making informed decisions.


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For sellers, Twoosk's marketing services can help telco professionals raise awareness to their brand and products.


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Twoosk's professional network connects telco professionals worldwide, facilitating access to innovative opportunities.

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